My love affair with fabric, thread and sewing machines began at age 8.  It has continued to grow and expand over the years from sewing simple doll clothes as a young girl, to my unique quilts and fiber art of today. I am enjoying this journey, and consider it a creative experiment that never ceases to amaze and thrill me.  Sharing the journey with others makes it all the better.

The focus of this site will be to share my work, and hopefully inspire you along your own creative journey.  I am developing many tutorials, video tips and some patterns which will be added as we go along this journey. You will find them on the left hand sidebar as they become available.  I will also provide previews of  patterns and in-depth videos that I will offer for future sale.

The free designs and tips I offer here will be in PDF or video format, or EQ6 files, and assume basic sewing knowledge.  For special or unusual techniques, I will include additional information or resources for that technique. If you can figure it out from what I post here, you are free to use the information for a personal project or to make a quilt for charity.  There are many fine books on the basics available, should you need more specific instruction. To access the PDF files you will need the latest version of Acrobat Reader.  It is a free download. For the EQ6 files, you will need EQ6…. available for purchase on their site.

Copyright laws apply; my words, images and files are mine.  Please respect that. Only the designs I list in the free sections can be used for your own personal projects or to make a project for donation to a charity. If you wish to share it with friends, please provide a link back to this site. Distribution to others in any form without my express permission is strictly prohibited. My contact information can be found in the sidebar to the left of the page just click on  ”Contact Deb”.  You wouldn’t want someone taking your work, so please respect mine.

So check back often to see what’s new and let’s enjoy this journey together.

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