What’s New


What’s New

As I add new things, They’ll be listed here with their links.  Check back often to see the newest additions.

December 15, 2009

First installment of the process lesson using “Solar Powered” under Longarm Quilting

November 8, 2009

New short video preview under Finishing “Harvest Moon” and still photos  of  the quilt under Gallery.

October 29,2009

Volume two of the MQR Premier Video Series is now available. This DVD incorporates the second and third quarter videos and is nearly 4 hours of  instruction. It can be found under Shop.

October 28,2009

The last of the mini quiltets added under Circle Lord.

October 21,2009

A few samples using the circle lord templates added under Circle Lord.

October 20,2009

Short video preview   added under MQR Premier video previews.

October 8,2009

Short video on the new Spiro Thingy added under Circle Lord.

September 28,2009

“Tipsy Hearts”  added under Free EQ6 pattern files

September 13, 2009

Two of my patterns; “Sail Away” and “Midnight Blooming” under Free EQ6 pattern files